Veterans say “they love” Dreams Realty (Terry Rasner-Yacenda front-‘n center) and Realtors for their dedication and compassion for community needs!

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Dreams Foundation, Inc. enthusiastically supports the Veteran Outreach Services Program to support health and social services headed by a Veterans Outreach Advocate for military veterans in Northern Nevada.  The outreach program is conducted throughout Northern Nevada, but principally in the city of Reno, and is targeted to meet the local transportation needs of 60 veterans living in the Carville Park Apartments in the downtown Reno area. The now-expanded Adopt-a-Vet Dental & Outreach Programsoperate under the auspices of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Donations from Dreams Realty and its Realtors make “Veteran Assistance” programs a reality for our Northern Nevada communities!

Supporting Military Veterans — Vice President, Sarah Carmona and President & CEO, Dr. John Yacenda are part of the “Dreams Family” of Philanthropists with Dreams Realty founder, Terry Rasner-Yacenda (not pictured)!

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Dreams Foundation, Inc. proudly supported a portion of the initial funding for a Veteran Dental Services Program.  DFI is philosophically dedicated to support health and social services for our military veterans, and DFI donated funds to a community-based program that provides free and low-cost dental care to military veterans in Northern Nevada.  This isn’t a matter of filling cavities, though this is included, but goes as far as providing sometimes life-saving dental care to military veterans who otherwise have no dental care coverage.  After a couple of preliminary meetings, the DFI Boardwas enthusiastic about helping the Adopt-a-Vet Dental Program, alongside the Nevada Dental Association, Susanne and Gloria Young Foundation, and the Vietnam Veterans of America/Reno and Carson City).

Watch for news stories on Dreams Foundation Inc.’s partnership with Reno Tahoe Realty Group’s Manufactured Home Division to help Veterans get into home ownership with down payment assistance!

“Dr. John” at the Nevada State Senate receiving recognition for representing the 16th Senatorial District in the Silver-Haired Legislative Forum

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Dreams Foundation, Inc. is invested in Senior Citizen Feeding Programs by working with a number of senior centers providing visitation, social (as opposed to clinical) counseling, and in one case in particular, DFI financed a six-month program of “senior meal nights” at a local mobile home park wherein the vast majority of residents were seniors on fixed budgets, with many of the seniors enrolled in publicly-financed social service programs.  The evening meals were scheduled on mild weather Wednesday evenings in the Fall.  We find that many seniors in these older mobile home parks are genuinely a “public” in need, and our meals were well received.

We even recruited our mascot, Stallone, to help with this “hands-on” project!

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We received a somewhat desperate phone call from the Executive Director of a Reno-area human services program.  Get this: among other helpful actions and services they provide for women and their newborns and youngsters-in-diapers…IS DIAPERS, yes FREE packages of disposable diapers!  And the good news report is that they are funded do this month after month!  What would such an agency want from Dreams Foundation, Inc.?  Certainly not diapers, but we’re known for meeting unmet dreams so why not give us a try.

That’s the story behind the headlines: DFI performed a planned “Community Work Project” to the Women & Children’s Center of the Sierra. The unmet dream, as it were, was someone who could swoop in on a weekend when their agency was closed, and coincidently at the same time low on diapers, and first clean, and then custom paint over 5,200 square feet of storage shelving at this community services agency, also a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  What better a call to Dreams Foundation, Inc., and there we were with our volunteers ready to meet an unmet dream!