Our Mission

Our Mission as an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) Public Charity, is to meet the unmet dreams and aspirations of individuals, families, neighborhood churches, people-serving agencies and organizations, recognized charities, boys and girls clubs, and youth sports programs in communities.

In furtherance of our Mission, DFI recognizes that upon meeting these unmet dreams and aspirations, it is necessary to acknowledge these Beneficiaries have a broad array of life-living and organizational needs that could be aided by additional funding, and that persons, families, and the entities noted herein may be entitled to other benefits as these may be made available through DFI by any number of Donor & Giving Community Partners.

Our Strategic Orientation

Dreams Foundation, Inc. believes it is in the public’s interest to promote responsible federal tax deductible charitable giving. To this end: 1) donations made to our Foundation are fully tax deductible under federal law, and most state laws; and 2) DFI’s Administrative overhead averages less than 3% annually.  Fully 97% of our income and 100% of our donations are budgeted to support the creation of new, the continuation of current, or the expansion of existing entities’ funding for programs and services that provide opportunities for appropriate individuals, groups and communities to meet the challenges afforded by our Mission!

Our Motto

Don’t just Dream Big…“Dream a Bigger Dream”