Get Involved

We’re always interested in projects along the lines of what you’ve read we do. If you’d like to be included as a volunteer in any of our current projects, let us know! However, you may have other ideas for activities of personal interest to you. You can contact Dr. Yacenda by phone (775) 473-8945, or e-mail¬†and share your ideas and how you envision DFI could participate. “Even better,” says Dr. John, as most of us call him, “if you need a 501(c)(3) to partner with for a grant proposal or program funding idea, I’m always willing to look at your ideas!”

REMEMBER…well thought out ideas are the most enticing, and as Dr. John reminds us, “I’m not a dud dude; I still ski, ski race, snowboard, lift weights, dance, hike, golf, listen to Christian rap & rock, and am generally uncontrollable!”